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My name is Shantanu Kallakuri. I am a researcher in Energy Materials with interests in developing novel organic photovoltaics and donor-acceptor systems for Energy Harvesting.

I am currently a Research Assistant at MIT, in the Department of Materials Science (DMSE), working on organic energy materials and self-assembling multi-functional moieties. Prior to MIT, I have worked as a research assistant at Harvard medical school and at the Indian institute of Chemical Technology.

For more information about my research and publications, please refer to my attached CV, and feel free to contact me at

Views on Energy

Access to minimum energy, even today, remains a distant dream for nearly 1.1 billion individuals by UN estimates. That people still live in wretched conditions of no power despite extravagant power consumption elsewhere, is unfortunate. When we get vexed at just an hour’s power-outage, it is not difficult to imagine the plight of people under perennial darkness. 

An individual should, at any time, at any place, have the capability to meet one’s own energy needs, without being subject to governmental, societal, or physical constraints. That, is my firm belief.

Research Interests

This ‘self-sustenance’ is what I wish to facilitate through efficient organic photovoltaics for net energy-neutral living. I am interested in developing organic donor-acceptor systems that leverage properties of self-assembly for enhanced charge-carrier transport and light-harvesting efficiency, with the end goal of enabling large-scale implementation.


Science, to me, is the only route to bring about larger emotional harmony and peace, and the only possible way to bring about collective unity among all of us, especially in the trying times right now.
As a materials enthusiast, this website is my attempt at popularizing a fun approach towards materials science and the mechanisms behind their working and formation.
This site is dedicated to all those interested in this pursuit.

Love ❤
– Shan

After all, that's what makes up a great coffee, and some classy romance.

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